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Thoughts by: Matthew Deery

Week 3 for the Vikings started unlike the first two weeks of the season with productive drives that lead to early points against the San Fransisco 49ers, and almost complete domination of the first half in every respect of the competition.

The Niners could not run the football (Frank Gore left in the first quarter with an ankle injury), they started the game with three consecutive 3 and outs (and didn't get a first down til a Vikings penalty gave them one), and the Vikings moved the ball effectively with the pass and average with the run.

But somehow the Vikings were losing 14-13 at halftime? The Vikings have been losing at halftime in each of their 3 contests this 2009 season.

The Vikings had a chance to go up 16-7 with a field goal with only :06 left on the first half clock, but then the big hand of Ray Mcdonald spoiled the field goal attempt and the fast feet and soft hands of Nate Clemons took the ball 59 yards to the house to give the Niners a 10 point swing and the lead at half. The Vikings complete domination in the first half erased by one play. Well, that's football in the NFL.

The beginning stages of the first half looked like the momentum had indeed swung in the Niners favor as they ran the football effectively, tacked on 3 points with a FG, and their defense caused the Vikings offense to sputter.

Well thankfully the soon to be Offensive Rookie of the Year Percy Harvin displayed his Usain Bolt-like speed by taking the kickoff after a Niners field goal 101 yards to the end zone. 

Unfortunately after that the Vikings pass defense could not keep a close eye on Vernon Davis as he burned the Vikings down the field for first downs, big passing gains, and 2 touchdowns. The second TD put the Vikings at a 24-20 disadvantage, leaving the heroics of Brett Favre to lead his team to a 4th quarter victory.

It was close at the end with Favre completing some nice passes to get the Vikings in enemy territory but time their enemy and a drive that started at the Niners 20 yard line. With the Vikings on the ropes and looking to take their first loss of 2009 the man sent to bring our team to the next level pulls the miracle out of his bag of tricks with an amazing 32 yard strike to the newly acquired Greg Lewis in the back of the end zone.

Well I now stand by Vikings management in their decision to drop Bobby Wade before the season started to pick up Greg Lewis, who is now my new favorite Viking (til next week of course).

What a way for number 4 to start his first home game in a purple jersey with an 80 yard 4th quarter drive, with no time outs, capped off with one of the most remarkable throw and catches I have ever seen to finish and win a football game. I screamed so loud when the back judges threw their arms in the air signaling a touchdown it was like I back at a Hannah Montana concert again...errr I mean....a GWAR concert, not Hannah Montana, I would never go to a Hannah Montana concert on October 21st, 2007.

Even though most fans will see Adrian Peterson's effort as a below average (which it was) you have to keep in mind we were playing against a 3-4 defensive scheme which usually holds its own against the run, especially with a good line backing core featuring the likes of the best backer in the NFL named Patrick Willis seen below taking AP down. Patrick Willis is "The Man" and will be the recipient of the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award many times in his blossoming career. Also keep in mind it's a huge improvement to the 3 yards AP gained against the Niners last time he played them in 2007.

Something Vikings fans should be concerned about is all the dropped passes leaving the hands of the wide recievers. For the most part Benard Berrian, but Mr. Harvin also dropped a sure first down grab on 3rd and 4 causing the Vikings to punt again.

Another good sign, Cedric Griffin picks up his 2nd interception of the year.I also am going to praise the best player on our defense E.J. Henderson (sorry Kevin)  for toughing out a shoulder injury and still leading our team in tackles with 13, with 8 of those being solo.

What resilience our team showed by continuing to fight and one of the greatest finishes I have seen in my entire life as a football fan.

Next up is a MNF game against the Green Bay Packers who also play the 3-4 defense that gives our running attack so much trouble. The Packers may feature a more solid line backing core than the Niners so AP will have to really exert his talents and vision as a runner to get by their 4 line backers. Also coming up on the schedule is the best 3-4 defense in the NFL for multiple consecutive seasons the Baltimore Ravens. The Vikings need to find a way to run on the 3-4 or we could be facing more nail biting games like this one.

I hope Favre just dominates next week against the Packers and makes their management regret choosing Aaron Rodgers over him....but it worked out for us right?

Congrats to the Lions who won their first game since 2007 with a victory at home over the Redskins.

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