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Thoughts by: Matthew Deery

First off, Brett Favre now has more consecutive starts in the NFL than any other player in history with 271. That is one of the most amazing stats I have ever seen.

I digress with the observation of the first half Vikings offense looking as bad as it did with Spergon Wynn at the helm. The Diesel coughed up the football to the Lions defense on the Vikings first possession and the 0-16 team a year ago calmly moved the ball down the field to tack on a field goal.

The offense proceeded to three consecutive 3-and-outs which allowed the Lions to establish rhythm with their running game putting them in the red zone. Rookie QB Matthew Stafford threw his first career touchdown pass to my favorite nicknamed athlete in sports Megatron aka Calvin Johnson.

I am going to defend the Vikings defense first half effort before anyone jumps on them for allowing LOTS rushing yards, which is probably more than any of us fans have seen gained on our D unit in recent memory. The D was on the field so much in the first half because of the lack of Vikings offense and ball possession. The Lions moved the ball well at times but were kept at bay only scoring 10 first half points. I will admit better teams would have capitalized on the opportunities the Vikings gave their opponent, but it was a football team that has not recorded a victory since 2007.

The Vikings finally got on the board with under two minutes left in the first half with a Favre bootleg that opened Shancoe in the back of the endzone.

Then...the second half started...the second half of Vikings domination.

Ray Edwards caused a second half fumble on Kevin Smith giving the Vikings the ball back after tying the game at 10-10 on a Ryan Longwell field goal. The first play after that AP breaks the contain of the Lions defense and outruns the safety for a 27 yard TD. I stood up and shouted, "Nail in the coffin!"

I was definitely right as the Vikings proceeded to dominate every facet of the game after that. Favre, Peterson, Berrian, and Harvin all worked seamlessly together to move the ball and score insurance points. The defense seemed to feed off the energy from the offense and did not allow another score from the Lions til a late 4th quarter field goal from Jason Hanson.

Favre managed the offense and pulled all the levers to make our team flow. He made smart and accurate passes, made smart audibles, and  took what the defense gave him even if that meant taking a sack. Favre was 23-27 for 155 yards and 2 touchdowns. Favre's best stat is definitely the number of interceptions he has on this season: 0.  Favre has embraced his role on our offense and been a perfect supplement to the best running back in the league.

AP took awhile to get going, but when he did was like a train rolling through would be tacklers.

Percy Harvin looked awesome once again as he provided good field position on kick offs, yards after the catch on receptions, and another touchdown by muscling his way to pay dirt. I cannot believe how strong this 5-11, 184 pound rookie out of Florida really is. I LOVE you "soon" to be 2009 Offensive Rookie of the Year Percy Harvin. Another bro-mance Vikings fans should be excited to see is between Farve and Percy.

A good sign for the passing game was the use of Bernard Berrian and his chemistry with the 39 year old QB. These two will need to be on the same page in order to stretch the field. Nice to see AP catching passes too.

The Vikings will need to play two complete halves to stay with the impressive looking (2-0) 49ers. The biggest match up of next week will be Frank Gore (gained 207 yards and 2 TD this week) vs. the Vikings stout running game (gave up 129 yards this week).

Told ya Jared Allen would get in the act with 4 tackles and a sack. Chad Greenway showed his intelligence as a linebacker with both his interceptions. 

I want to finish with this thought. The play calling of the Vikings is just so ridiculous sometimes (the first half) I completely understand our sputtering 3-and-out offense. Childress told FOX commentator Ron Pitts that he loves to force his will on opponents i.e. running the football. But just can't do that all the time! AP will get his numbers, and he usually gets his best, most punishing numbers in the second half on a tiring defense.

The Lions were holding their own against our running game in the first half and it is important for our coaching staff to make adjustments and use the passing portion of the offense to facilitate success. Didn't we pull grandpa Farve out of the old folks home to improve our passing game? Is Favre not numbers-wise the greatest QB of all time?

Favre has obviously proven that he can throw the ball with accuracy and I believe he would have the most success when the opposing defense is dialing in on Adrian. We need to throw the ball earlier and down the field to make teams aware we can pass, and then BOOM The Diesel is down your throat.  It is also important to establish more than a screeen passing game and the Vikings failure to attempt to do so scares me. Favre needs to go deep to Berrian next week.

Surprising results elsewhere in Week 2 start with the Patriots only scoring 9 points and losing to the Jets, the Houston Texans outscoring last years Cinderella team Tennessee Titans, Chicago beating the defending champ Steelers, and most importantly the Green Bay fudge-Packers losing their home opener to the mediocre Cincinnati Bengals.

The NFL looks to be a pretty level playing field so far which definitely favors our football team. Skol baby...


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