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Why the Vikings Need Brett More Than He Needs Them

Love it or hate it, the Vikings need Brett Favre more than he needs them. Thankfully, the love is flowing in both directions at Winter Park right now.

I’ve seen a lot of comments on the ‘net from people who think the Vikings were fine without Brett, but I couldn’t disagree more and this article will explain why, and hopefully bring the doubters over to the Brett-a-palooza party bus.

Football is a thinking man’s sport, a live action chess match, if you will, wherein multiple facets of the game contribute to the outcome. In order to dominate another team, you have to control each of these facets. A look at history shows us teams that achieve this control win time after time. The 1970s Steelers, with their stifling defense, prolific offense and capable special teams showed just how much success can be achieved when a team succeeds in controlling all facets of the game. Unfortunately, long time Vikings fan can attest to that, circa 1975.

Fast forward to the Cowboys of the ‘90s; players like Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Deion Sanders and Charles Haley nearly mirrored the Steelers success of the seventies by… well you get the idea.

Now, let’s take a look at our 2009 Minnesota Vikings. Can they control the defensive backfield? Antoine Winfield and E. J. Henderson are game changers. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Henderson sailing through the air like a purple clad superman to sack an opposing QB. It was a thing of defensive beauty.

Then we have to ask, can they dominate the defensive line? Heh. The combination of Allen and the Williams’ Wall arguably makes them better than any line in history. You can bring up the Steel Curtain, etc, but pound for pound, these guys get the job done as well, if not better, than anyone, ever.

Special teamers Chris Kluwe and Ryan Longwell are on loan from Maytag and with the addition of Percy Harvin and Jaymar Johnson to the return team, you can expect great starting field position more often than not.

Next up we have the o-line. Losing Matt Birk might hurt, but Hutch and the gang can certainly dominate their territory for sixty minutes every week, with or without their all-pro center. Sullivan will improve by leaps and bounds simply from being in close proximity to Hutch, McKinnie and the rest. And, anyone who has doubts about the right side hasn’t stood in the shadow of Phil Loadholt.

Then we have the running game. All Day. ‘Nuff said.

That leaves the passing game and its field general. Both Rosenfels and T-Jack have shown flashes of brilliance but lack of consistent excellence at that position has proven the only piece left in the Vikings puzzle is the man calling the signals. If we get domination from under center, success will simply be a by-product. A healthy Brett Favre brings that, and hopefully a Lombardi Trophy as well.

-Mike Bullock

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