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Week 5 Wrap Up

In what was one of the most boring 28 point victories you will ever see, the Minnesota Vikings proved that they are, today, one of the top 3 teams in the NFC. Good teams blow out teams like St. Louis. Good teams don't allow it to become a game. Good teams don't have to eke one out in the closing minutes. Good teams start fast and never look back. This Vikings team is just that...good. Probably very good.

A few points from Sunday....

1) Jared Allen is a freak. He's been scary good the last 2 weeks.

2) It's apparent that Favre is becoming very comfortable with the offense and the receivers. Does anyone still think this wasn't a good idea? Sidney Rice must be the happiest WR in football these days. Favre is doing what he has always done. He is making good receivers look great.

3) I don't know what to make of Adrian Peterson's season. He is 2nd in the NFL in rushing yards, trailing Cedric Benson by 6 yards. But it doesn't feel like he should be on top of the leader board. If you ask the 49ers, the Packers and the Rams, I bet they would be pretty pleased with how they contained him. No long TD runs, and he hasn't taken over a game since game 2 at Detroit. I feel like we are set for a blow up game from him.

4) St. Louis might threaten the '08 Lions' record of 0-16. Really a bad team.

5) This was about the time last season that Favre started falling apart. I only mention this because he is showing no signs of it this year. He's not managing games, he's winning them. He's 3rd in completion percentage and 4th in QB rating. The Vikings have top tier quarterback. Feels good to say.

6) The next 3 weeks is where we find out if the Vikings are elite. Baltimore is coming off a tough loss to Cincinnati and are beatable, but they always have a tough defense and have seen 3 teams bottle up Peterson so the blueprint for success is there.

7) Brad Childress...what to make of Brad Childress. People were calling for his job at the end of last season. He convinced Favre to play here. Take away Favre and the Vikings for sure lose to the 49ers and an argument can be made that they lose to the Packers. Now, did Childress become a better coach? Maybe. But if Tarvaris Jackson is still the quarterback, I'd be willing to bet that people would still be calling for his head. So what happens when Favre "retires" after this season? Who takes over? It will be very interesting to see how this plays out because Sage Rosenfels is still under contract after this season and Jackson is a free agent. Childress hitched his wagon to Jackson when he drafted him and he's not out of the woods yet.

8) Brett Favre is going to be booed by Packer fans at Lambeau Field. I never thought I would write that sentence.

9) The stadium issue is going to get pretty serious. The Vikings are now the sole tenant of the Metrodome and the lease is up in 2011. Peter King wrote in his column that the Wilfs are getting restless and we are approaching crisis time. This will be a huge issue in the next legislative session and if it doesn't get settled, L.A. will come calling. You watch.

So, 5 games into the season the Vikings have established themselves as one of the teams to beat in the NFC, and they are doing it with all phases of the game. Teams are loading up against Peterson and Favre is making them pay. Jared Allen is making a case for defensive player of the year. Brad Childress is....well, we don't know what Brad Childress is.


  1. Prior to this year I hadn't really paid attention to the stadium issue, but the time has come for all good fans to give it some attention. So, I address the state of Minnesota now, GIVE THEM A DAMN STADIUM! At least work with the Vikings to renovate their current facility. The Timberwolves, The Wild, the Twins, the Lynx, and even the Gophers all use new to new-ish facilities--and most of those teams are so-so at best. I hope I speak for other Minnesota sports fans when I say that it is really annoying to see our teams leave for other states, states that will give them better facilities. Consider this, between the salaries of all the coaches and players, the merchandising, and all the concessions sold at the games, Vikings football is responsible for a big chunk of tax money--and if there is something that the state of Minnesota likes, it is taxes. Wasn't that the reason for helping Northwest Airlines avoid bankruptcy a few years back? Lose the team to L.A. and Minnesota will lose millions in tax money. That alone ought to light a fire under some law-maker asses, especially when you consider that in the last few years Minnesota has lost other large businesses to states with lower taxes.

  2. Who knows it Favre retires after this year? I also do not think the Rams are anywhere near as bad as the 0-16 Lions. What game were you watching? The moved the ball on the Vikings like it was easy...3 red zone turnovers (2 on the goal line). Bad teams turn the ball over like that, but they are far from really bad. Great defensive line, a playmaker at running back, and an offense that moves the ball. The Rams will win more than one game this year.