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Keeping Up with the Old Man

There was so much controversy and media attention over the “will he retire, won’t he retire” back and forth seesaw ride that he took us on this past offseason, but the underlying cause of Favre’s return leaned heavily on his love for the game and his desire to compete. The 7-1 Vikings sure aren’t complaining. NFL analysts are touting this year’s squad as a legitimate Super Bowl contender for the first time since the magical Cunningham-Moss season of ‘98 that unexpectedly ended in the NFC Championship game. However, this time around there will be no Jamal Anderson, no dirty bird, and no Gary Anderson boo-boo. On the flip side, there will be all-day Adrian Peterson, the Purple People Eaters, and old man Brett. So far it appears as if Favre has been the missing ingredient to the Vikings ‘Stew of Success’. Although it leaves opposing teams with a bitter taste (just ask the Packers who went back for seconds this past weekend), everyone behind the purple and gold can’t seem to get enough.

With nearly half of the NFL season already over, the Vikings are comfortably settled on top of the NFC North division with no real threat to be overthrown. They still have yet to face the newly revamped Chicago Bears that are looking to find their pulse somewhere on Jay Cutler’s inner wrist, but given how the Bears seem to be flatlining it may be safe to deposit two more victories into the Vikings bank. Outside of the Bears, the only other team in the division left to play is the lowly Detroit Lions who are struggling to have the same ferocious bite they had in the days of Barry Sanders. Looks like the Vikings’ pillaging will continue into the playoffs and possibly further.

For the sake of all those that bleed purple, let’s hope the 8-year old in Favre stays away from the Tilt-a-Hurl long enough to help lead his new team on the right track towards Miami and Dolphin Stadium for Super Bowl XLIV. Game on, kids.

--Ryan Fortune


  1. Great article, really got the point across in a good way. Ha, I loved the slick comedic writing. And yes, the vikes have embarrassed the packers twice now... Excellent.

  2. Well written coverage. Not rambling. Entertaining and cleverly phrased. Game on, indeed!

  3. Excellent read, I'll be back for more :)

  4. I was skeptical about Favre when he signed with the Vikings, but game after game he's been winning me over. You completely nailed it, he just has that thrilled-to-be-here excitement every game. I just hope that the excited 8-year-old doesn't have one of those days when he wakes up in a bruised 40-year-old body and wonder why he keeps playing. Good read, looking forward to more.

  5. Sweet article man. Favre is a one of kind. I've had so many ups and downs with this player over the years. I saw him win his first and only Super Bowl. I went through college hating him as a Viking fan. I witnessed in person the interception he threw in OT of the NFC Championship against the Giants. Now I cheer for him, amazed by what he can still do. Who would have expected 16 TD, 3 INT in the first 8 gaames? There's is a possibility this seemingly dream comes to a hault, but that would just be another chapter in the Brett Favre saga.

  6. First and only Super Bowl victory should be added to that last comment. He's played in two...who's ready for a third? I've never seen the Vikings in the Super Bowl in my life.