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Thanks, Ted!

Mike McCarthy’s Green Bay Packers are 5-2 against the Minnesota Vikings. Well, that is, before yesterday they were. Now it’s 5-3 and the most recent loss probably outweighs the five wins in the minds of Packer fans everywhere. But, honestly it’s not McCarthy’s team, it’s Ted Thompson’s. And for him, yesterday’s loss had more sting than any other.

From signs that said “We’ll never 4get you, Brent” to “Halloween is over Brett, take off that silly purple costume” the Packer faithful was determined to take a page from Thompson and show Brett Favre that everything he did for their franchise meant nothing anymore.

Thankfully for Viking fans, Favre had no qualms giving yet another stellar performance inside the vaunted walls of Lambeau Field. Going 17 of 28 for 244 yards and an amazing 4 touchdowns, Favre certainly let it be known his professional services and loyalty belonged to the Purple Pride. With seven of his closest friends on the receiving end of those passes, and all four touchdowns delivered to different men, Favre bewildered the Packers defense the same way he’d done it to others on their behalf for over 250 games in the past.

When Favre first demanded to be released by Green Bay, the word was “he thinks he’s bigger than the game”. Well, when you consider the fact that football is entertainment and Favre has been the man in the spotlight in some of the NFL’s biggest games, including the highest ranked cable sports broadcast in history, you have to ask yourself, what if he is?

However, that’s a murky, nebulous debate for a later day. What we can discern with laser like accuracy is the fact that Favre is more important than Packer GM Ted Thompson. This of course, begs the question “is that why Thompson sent Favre packing in the first place?” Was it ego, uncut and unmitigated, or was it truly a pure business decision? Favre himself stated that it was (Thompson had to do something with Aaron Rodgers as he came up to his first new contract and cutting him didn’t seem to be an option), but circumstances seem to say otherwise.

Case in point: rewind to early 2007. Sitting before Ted Thompson was a trade offer from Oakland, whereby the Raiders would send Randy Moss to Green Bay in exchange for Aaron Rodgers and DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila. Sure Thompson would have lost a marquee defender and his QB of the future, but here’s a newsflash: this is the NFL where the future doesn’t matter anymore, only this season counts and if you aren’t Lombardi hunting, you’re consider to be a fool. Bringing Moss into Green Bay would most certainly have tipped the scales in the Packers last deep playoff run and Thompson would have a nice new piece of jewelry.

Instead, he has a “solid business decision” to share with his grandchildren.

After the fallout from that faux pas, we fast forward to 2009, seconds after Thompson watched his Packers get swept by the hated Vikings, and we begin to wonder, how solid was that decision? For Packers fans, Brett Favre spent sixteen seasons being their Superman, the question now is: Has Ted Thompson become Lex Luthor?

One thing’s for sure, the man of steel has won this round, with 515 yards, 7 touchdowns and zero interceptions to show for it.

Good job, Ted. On behalf Viking’s fans everywhere, keep up the good work.

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