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Vikings have the Lions by the tail

If you walk into the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis this week, you might be able to feel the building tension for Sunday’s game. It will be a battle between the top of the NFC and the bottom. After their bye week off, the Minnesota Vikings will be taking on the Detroit Lions for the second time this season. The Vikings aren’t too worried about taking on a team that has lost to them for 6 straight seasons, but the Lions have quite a bit to consider. The only game they’ve won this season was earlier in the year for the Lions vs. Washington Redskins 19-14. And, while Detroit Lions owner William Clay Ford was hoping this would give them a seasonal, winning “pick-me-up”, let’s put it this way: for all you Lions fans in Minnesota, you might want to trade in that blue and white jersey for some far more colorful purple and gold.

Almost two months ago, the Vikings-Lions game left Detroit feeling a little caged, as they lost 27-13 to the purple. While they held the lead of 10-0 through the second quarter, the Vikings met with almost no opposition as they jumped to a 27-13 win. This was Detroits 19th straight regular season loss. Lions #51, Dominic Raiola said “We didn't do our jobs in the second half, and that's very frustrating.” He added “We're better than that." The team believes that the Vikings are putting too much stock in Brett Favre as a player, saying that “he often carries the whole team on his shoulders.” Lions’ fans are hoping that this will maybe give the team more advantage; since Detroit is a younger, and therefore more unified, team.

But, are they better than that? Detroit is talking a big game for this Sunday. However, it’s hard to ignore the statistics. The Vikings stand almost undefeated at 7-1, while the Lions remain at 1-7. Also, the Vikings have been cutting their teeth on the Lions for 6 years. Their only loss against Detroit came in 2007. The Vikings also have a lot to gain from this Sunday, while the Lions don’t have much to lose. If Minnesota won, it would put the Vikings at 4-0 in the NFC rankings, and sending them on their way to the 2010 Super Bowl. So far, it looks really good Minnesota.

Watch the game this Sunday 11/15 at 1:00 P.M. at the Mall of America Field. It will also be broadcast live through FOX television.
-Lauren Marosok

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