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Favre Is A Shot of Southern Comfort For Vikes

No doubt about it. Brett Favre has invigorated the Minnesota Vikings, and the entire state of Minnesota, maybe like never before. He’s been an unexpected surprise, like the tingling you get after a shot of good whiskey—a little Southern Comfort. It revives you and gives you relaxed confidence. It almost makes you feel like you could do anything—talk to the pretty girl at the bar, get that job you’ve been wanting, heck, even go to the Super Bowl.

You can’t dispute the difference Favre has made in the Vikings this season. Can you imagine the San Francisco, Baltimore or Green Bay games with Tarvaris Jackson at the helm? Favre’s performance has been at the top of the league, and the top of his own storied career. He has given the Vikes more confidence in their talents and abilities than any quarterback the team has had in a very long time.

Favre has provided the shot in the arm the Vikings have needed all along—a real quarterback to bring out the best in all their talented position players. Not a pretender to the throne. Just like a good whiskey, smooth and mature, Favre’s play leaves you with a warm feeling. And just like a good whiskey, he seems to be getting better with age.

Brett is as much team security blanket as Hall of Fame quarterback. A good shot of Southern Comfort is all the Vikings seem to need to beat the next opponent, whoever it is. They feel like they can’t lose with ‘ol whiskey under center. Of course, he is playing at an MVP level, as well.

Other recent Vikings quarterbacks have possessed less satisfying spirits. Tommy Kramer could be compared to a whiskey, and memory says he had too much of a passion for it, but a less accomplished distillation. Perhaps a Wild Turkey. Brad Johnson was more like a beer that came to a head quickly and then flattened out when you needed it most. Daunte Culpepper was a trendy and affordable champagne—bubbly and full of sparkle early, but then fizzing out fast. As for Tarvaris Jackson, well, does the name Mad Dog 20/20 mean anything to you?

So here’s to you, Brett Favre. A toast to your special brand of Southern Comfort, from the land of Hamm’s, Grain Belt and the Great White North!

By Rick Jourdan

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