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Time to forget about December

After having a poor December, the Vikings did what they needed to do against the Giants. The main thing that this game does is restore the confidence of the Vikings. Hopefully they have their mind back where it was after they got the 10th win of this season. Forget the last month and look to the future.

The offense came out and played like we know they can. They moved the ball and scored without much trouble. I have to mention that the Giants are a terrible team, they have a lot of talent, but they are terrible as a team. That fact does not take away from the Vikings performance, this game was huge, the pressure was enormous, and they came through. The Vikings could have probably scored 70 points against this defense without much trouble if all the starters would have played to whole game. All the pieces of the offense appeared to be clicking and playing as a team.

The defense played with effort and looked to be fired up and ready to play. I would still like to see more pressure on the quarterback. Against better teams, they need to pressure the quarterback like they were doing it back in October and November.

One of the best things about the Giants game was the fact that the special teams played much better than they have been playing. Even in the second half of the Bears game, the special teams did not play well. They made no mistakes today, and didn’t give the Giants good field position on any kicks, a very positive sign.

It’s unfortunate that the Vikings needed the Cowboys to win and Eagles to lose for the second seed in the playoffs and the bye week. But it all worked out good; Dallas gave the Eagles a beating. Now the Vikings can rest for a week and get healed up and get pumped up and ready to make the run for Miami.

It’s like a new season now. Looking ahead the Vikings have good momentum and appear to have confidence and a good attitude going forward. They are also healthy for the most part. If the Vikings keep winning, they will have to play one more Sunday night game this year but lets worry about that when we get there.

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