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Tony Romo Spotted With 3rd cousin twice removed of Jessica Simpson

The superstitious fans of the Cowboys held their collective breath today as rumors and few grainy photos began to surface of Tony Romo sharing a Big Mac with the 3rd cousin of Jessica Simpson. Cowboy fans remember well how the blond vixen put some bad mojo on their team just a few years back and nose dived Tony's season. Does the sour luck run in the Simpson family? Die hard Cowboy fans better hope not as the showdown with the Vikes comes closer with every passing day.
Most folks are asking why Romo would put himself in this situation anyway. Especially considering that Jessica's cousin does not share her trademark good looks or irresistable aloofness. In fact Jessica's cousin, affectionately known as "The Texas Size Lolita", is hardly what one would call conventionally pretty. She is listed at 315 lbs but I think Pat Williams is also listed at 315 and we know that is no where near accurate. She is fond of keeping her hair in a butch like mullet, loves McDonald's Big Macs, and also rides a Harley chopper.
But what this lady lacks in looks and a healthy diet she seems to make up for in smarts. She apparently has earned a Masters Degree from the on-line school Phoenix University majoring in Auto Detailing. How this was achieved on-line is anyone's guess.
So, why Tony? Do you not remember the fallout from Jessica sporting that pink cowboys jersey? Why risk this with you and your teams superbowl dreams on the line? Those closest to Tony claim he is eager to put the superstition to rest and prove that he can perform under pressure even if he is dating the 3rd cousin twice removed of one of showbizes biggest stars. Romo has gone so far as to reserve two seats for his new girlfriend in the lower level of the metrodome. Word also has it that the Cowboys marketing team is designing a XXXXXL pink cowboys tent, errr, jersey for Tonys new love interest to don on Sunday.
For Viking fans this could be the big break we have been waiting for because according to most sport writers and personalities we have no real shot at beating the Cowboys in the conventional way. We now must rely on the Simpson curse and hope that just maybe the 315 lbs that Tony just can't get enough of will distract him just enough to swing the pendulum our way. My guess is that if she wears that pink jersey on Sunday Tony won't be the only one distracted. Just look for the giant pink #9 sitting in section 104 row 11 seats 1 and 2.
Go Vikings!!!

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