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What the Vikings need to do

The Vikings come into the Cowboys game this week with a very simple goal. All they need to do is win 2 more games and they are in the super bowl. The goal is simple, achieving it may not be quit as simple, but it is attainable. What do they have to do make it a reality?

The best things to happen would be the Cardinals beat the Saints on Saturday; and the Vikings beat the Cowboys on Sunday. The Cardinals would then have to come here for the NFC championship game. The Vikings beat the Cardinals and they are off to Miami. Playing both games here would be a huge advantage. If the Saints win and the Vikings win, the challenge of beating the Saints in New Orleans would be a much bigger hill to climb.

One thing that is very important in the Vikings winning is they need to not try to be a running team. I think they were primarily a running team for the past several years because we didn’t have a quarterback that could make us a passing team. The offensive line is just not as good as it was. I feel losing Matt Birk is a big part of that, but that is irrelevant now. We still have a good running game, but we have a very good passing game.

The ability of the coaching staff and Favre to run the game and take what the Cowboys will give them, and mix up the plays in a way to take advantage of what is working best, will be the key to scoring enough points. If the offense can score in the neighborhood of 30 points, they will have done their job.

The defense on the other hand, has to step up and play as good as they have played all year. The Cowboys are on a roll. The defense needs to stop them and do it from the start. It will be a tough task, although I am confident that if they can beat the Cowboys, they can win it all. The Cowboys are the best executing team in the league as of last week.

The other piece of the puzzle is for the special teams to play like they did in the last game, not like in the 3 games before that. They need to not give the Cowboys the ball in good field position.

If the offense can start fast and get a lead, and the defense can step up and play the way that they know they can. The Cowboys can be beaten. It would feel good to take Dallas out of the playoffs, and be a huge step toward winning it all.

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