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The Glass is More than Half Full

By: Brandon Merrill

The Minnesota Vikings always seem to come up short in their seemingly impossible dream of bringing a championship to the Twin Cities area. The recent addition of Brett Favre this last season, along with the previous acquisition of Jared Allen, and the development of Adrian Peterson and Sidney Rice shows that the Vikings have been making the right moves in the pursuit of Super Bowl pay dirt. With the illustrious show displayed last season by our Vikings, what else do we need to do besides hang on to the ball? Nothing.

The team owner, Zygi Wilf, has placed his confidence and money in this team and this state to bring home a championship and new stadium to the Minnesota fans. Does Brett Favre have it in him to go another season? Yes, but he needs to have the pass protection there. The acquisition of an above par 3rd down/pass protection back is a must for the “Silver Fox” to make it all year. I can say with great confidence that Brett Favre will in all likelihood have the same media frenzy this fall with switching back and forth between comeback vs. retirement, and finally signing at the last minute. The only way that he can play football, without enduring the rigorous training camp, and still look like a team player is to do what he did all those months ago. He has proven his worth, and passion for the Vikings so let him do what he needs to do. If that includes resting up for and extra couple of weeks, so be it.

We all saw how missing training camp had no ill effects on the soon to be Hall of Famer. Age is irrelevant here, and if you think he is way too old to be playing, try telling that to the face of 45 year old UFC fighter Randy Couture and see what happens. I can guarantee that you will be the one walking around like a senior citizen after that debacle. Not only is Brett playing and competing, he is decimating. That will not fade in one year’s time. He still has the fever, and the only prescription is a Minnesota Super Bowl Ring.

Bottom line with the addition of one more decent back and a slightly improved pass protection game, the Vikings are a shoe in to make it to the Super Bowl. Who knows, maybe even 3rd stringer Albert Young has the ability to step up and make a name for himself. Minnesota has always had a great string of backup running backs; Michael Bennett, and Mwelde Moore, and yes Chester Taylor to name a few. I think Young has it in him to thrive if given the opportunity.

In closing, SKOL VIKINGS!

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