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Day One of the NFL Draft

We could’ve won! Why were there 12 men on the field? Just give Longwell a chance to kick! Well…that’s all behind us now (even if it does still sting a bit). I’ve moved on….kind of. OK, not really. But this week I put the past behind me……because this week I celebrated “Draft Week”. I donning the Vikings cap, went to a Buffalo Wild Wings, ate some wingies….and had a draught beer (yeah….bad pun was intended).

There were some scheduling conflicts in the Kudo household as a result of the first game of the kickball season getting underway at 6 bells. Thanking my lucky stars for DVR - couldn't wait to get home to watch the draft. With the age of iPhone updates, emails on the phones, radio talk shows, etc, I had to out ALL the blinders on for the ride home as I didn't want to hear or see how the draft was going until I could watch it myself.

As I sat ont he couch, take-out in hand, remote in the other hand, I pressed play - and BOOM - Sam Bradford is gone....just like that. As player and player went off the board, I was beginning to wonder what was going to be available at #30. The anticipation had me on the edge of my seat.

Many mock drafts had the Vikings taking a CB with their first pick in this years NFL Draft – the predictions were backed up by an aging Antoine Winfield and Cedric Griffin coming off of an ACL injury. With the addition CB Lito Sheppard to the roster, those mock draft predictions go bye-bye.

Opinion-time: As far as first-rounders go…..first-round draft picks are supposed to make an immediate impact on your team. You don’t pick someone and pay them tons of money to ride the pine (except for a QB to learn the ropes for a year). Look at the past few years for the Vikings first-rounders….Percy Harvin (Rookie of the Year – worth every penny!), Adrian Peterson (already is holding rushing records), and Chad Greenway (good ‘ol boy who likes to hit people!). For this article…and to back up my point, we’ll leave the 2005 draft of Troy Williamson in the first round outta this (because the nay-sayers will clearly point out that he was a first-round bust – and I agree). That being said, there is no predictability after about the first 5 picks – anything could happen.

After #29, I see that Jimmy Clausen is still available!! So now what? Do the Vikings go with him? Do we get an answer to the revolving door that is the QB position in MN? WTF?! The Vikings traded #30 to an inter-league rival?!

At the close of Day 1 I'm satisfied with the move to get an additional draft pick in a later round. Clausen is still available, too. Who cares about what addition the Vikes can make to make Brett look better on the field....Brett won't be here after this year (new topic for a different blog). Let's shore up the future of the franchise!

You want to agree with me, tell me I’m wrong, or offer your thoughts? BRING IT! I’ve got a pregnant wife who likes to bark orders at me…..I’ve got some aggression that I’m ready to release!

Your Vikings comments matter to me - what do you want to say?



  1. I can't believe we helped out the Lions, now we have to chase after Best until he gets injured. Stupid idea, you know there was a reason the Packers didn't just give us Favre

  2. The Lions still have a terrible O-line. Best is not a Barry Sanders, so I think we're good for a few years. But yeah....shouldn't have traded inthe same division.

  3. i like the trade. we moved back 4 spots, and we will most likely get our guy, whomever that is (Mays I hope). With the extra picks we can use those to move around the board, and get more value. Vikings have drafted solid the last 3 years, and have gotten critical pieces, such as phil loadholt, cedric griffin, and sidney rice in the second round. I expect that trend to continue.

    I would be in shock if they took Clausen. From everything I've read, the vikings are more keen on McCoy anyway. If McCoy would fall to their later second round pick, I could see them picking him up, but QB is really not that big of a need considering we already have 3 QBs (with T-Jack getting resigned), and could pick up players that could make an immediate impact for the super bowl run next year.

  4. Thanks for the comments Fink! After Day 2 ofthe draft we got ourselves a decent safety and a shifty RB. It looks like we may be holding out for Tony Pike in Round 4 - that would be some value!