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Vikes Talking Teebow?

By Brandon Merrill

With the 2010 NFL draft just a few days away and like all other drafts, there is a sports media frenzy going on about who should go where, which team should pick who, or which player will be the biggest bust. Even if you are not a football fan, it is hard to get away from hearing about how much of a zoo the draft will be. Tim Teebow has been at the center of this frenzy for the last couple of years and after all the waiting we will finally get to see where he goes.

Tim Tebow from what the newspapers say, has the team player type mentality, and that is key for any NFL quarterback. His life and college football career has been gone through with a fine tooth comb, more so than anyone else on this year’s draft ballot. After watching more and more about this dominating college QB, I saw a couple of things that I liked and did not like about his style of play. Regadless, the Vikings seem to have a strange interest in him even after resigning back up Tavaris Jackson.

Aside from the mechanical things that Tim Tebow needs to do to fix his delivery, he still seems like an impressionable young mind open to suggestion, or a simple yes man. His work ethic is great, and he showed his team dedication by staying in college for another year instead of being in the 2009 NFL draft. I say “yes man” because all he did while watching film and doing exercises with NFL coaching great John Gruden was agree with him. Do you think you should have changed this play, did you wait too long, could you have done it better; all these questions were answered with a yes by Tebow. He never stood up for himself or engaged in a constructive argument over his decision making as a player. From that aspect Tim Tebow may not be such a great choice for our Vikings seeing that he has a lot of things to work on before he can become an NFL caliber quarterback. I just hope for his sake that he is not just agreeing with constructive critics to avoid conflict, and therefore is not likely going to make adjustments based on the fact that what he has been doing has been working for him so far. In any event, that will be exposed in due time.

On the other hand if Tebow is not a “yes man”, and is truly a guy who wants to improve and is open to listening to others, then maybe we would like to have him work with the Vikings. This only of course if a certain someone agrees to play another year. If Tim Teebow needs an effective quarterbacking coach, who better than Brett Favre? Yes like any rookie, the kid has a lot to learn, but being with Brett Favre and the Vikings, Tebow could learn more in one year with them than he could in 5 years with other teams. Favre was decently furious when the Packers drafted his replacement in Aaron Rogers. Now he knows that his time will be up when his watch decides, and so he can now groom his replacement the way he sees fit.

Tebow has a lot of talent and potential, but it all needs to be put together in an effective manner. Otherwise he has the potential of being another QB bust like a Tim Couch, or Ryan Leaf. I guess only time will tell.

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