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The Story of the Prodigal Gun

By Brandon Merrill

The hottest topic on most sports writers’ minds in late summer always seems to be centered around Brett Favre, and his seemingly endless style of tormenting fans, teammates, coaches, and media on the decision of whether or not to leave the game of football. As we all know, last year he did just that and in the end the Vikings had a magical season just ending short of making a Super Bowl run. In all of the hoopla, one question still remains, will the “Mississippi Mudslinger” comeback for his 20th NFL season? This writer is going to be the 12 man on the field and say “absolutely.”

There are several reasons for him to comeback, as well as thirteen million more why she should wait one more year before retiring. The fact that Brad Childress and the Minnesota Vikings have not done anything to go after other playoff caliber quarterbacks speaks volumes. Vikings owner Zygi Wilf has made it abundantly clear in years past that he is committed to bringing top talent to Minnesota. If Favre was not coming back, he and Coach Brad Childress would be a little more on edge.

The same thing happened last year when Favre was brought into the mix. It was the day that camp broke that Favre raised up a Vikings Jersey showing off the beautiful #4 in purple and gold. We all know that Favre likes to dance around before the preseason starts, so that is nothing new. I truly believe that there are at least three people who know that he is coming back, and that would be, Zygi Wilf, Deanna Favre, and of course Brad Childress. Favre’s constant indecision has to be bringing in some extra coin for him as well being that his website is getting a barrage of hits, his TV commercials for Sears, and even the comedic Super Bowl ad where he is 50 years old and still thinking about coming back for one more year. So I believe him when he says it’s not about the money. It is a constant dance we will all remember, but when he steps onto a football field, we forget all about it.

My prediction is this: Favre will come back for one more NFL season with the Vikings. Whether he wins a super bowl or not is irrelevant. He will call it quits, but in the off chance he says he will be back, expect another summer where the Silver Fox Circus comes back to town for a full on performance. So after the 2010 season is finished, and Favre does call it quits, I would not be surprised to see the Vikings take a serious look and try to pick up Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Even though Brady took a pay cut to resign current players, and to pick up other players, the Patriots do not seem too enthused about giving Brady a huge pay increase. Brady would want to play for a contender and who better than the Minnesota Vikings? Let us not forget the prospect of QB turned WR turned QB rookie Joe Webb who is looking very impressive down in Mankato.

The Wrangler jean wearing good ole boy will be back, and I will agree it is quite reminiscent of the Rocky movies where southpaw “Rocky Balboa” keeps coming back and Brad Childress is his “Uncle Paulie.” As far as Hollywood goes, if Favre comes back to win a Super Bowl down in Dallas, you can expect a movie based on his “comeback” story to hit the silver screen in the Next 3-6 years. If I was the casting director, Tim McGraw would be casted to play Brett Favre, and Sandra Bullock would be casted as Favre’s wife. They already starred in a football movie together playing a married couple in the box office blast The Blindside.

OK I digress, but the bottom line is this; Favre will lead the charge to “Destination Dallas” and you can take that to the bank.


  1. Interesting to throw out Brady, I think it is a long shot but Wilf will need to score someone a little better than TJack to keep trying to get the stadium built.

  2. It is remarkable, it is an amusing piece